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When Pinellas County's two largest physician groups -- Suncoast Medical Clinic (est. 1956) and St. Petersburg Medical Clinic (est. 1952) -- joined together in 1997 to become one, the partnership yielded the area's premier, full-service healthcare provider. Suncoast Medical Clinic today remains the leading choice for the community's healthcare needs. And as the trees planted more than three decades ago, the Suncoast team continues to grow and nurture relationships with the people in the place it calls home.

St. Petersburg Medical Clinic

The St. Petersburg Medical Clinic was founded in 1952 by four internists hoping to provide higher quality medical care to their patients. Helping to pioneer the idea of multispecialty physician practices at the time, the physicians recognized that a close association among various specialties would foster sharing of knowledge, staff, resources and experience while rendering equipment purchasing and maintenance more efficient and effective.
As more physicians joined St. Petersburg Medical Clinic, the group expanded the clinic building in 1958. By 1970, Mayo Clinic architects Ellerbe & Associates of Minnesota were commissioned to devise long-range plans for a structured expansion program that would be accomplished in four phases and accommodate a team of 40 physicians.

St. Petersburg Medical Clinic and its physicians were driven by the mission of treating the public with the most complete and quality healthcare available in Pinellas County. The team believed such care requires not only highly trained, conscientious and sincere physicians who have access to the latest diagnostic equipment, laboratory and radiology facilities, but also a courteous and efficient staff who helps patients receive care in a responsible, professional and personal manner.

Suncoast Medical Clinic

Founded by Dr. Douglas Hood, a general practitioner, Suncoast Medical Clinic opened its doors in downtown St. Petersburg in 1956. By the early 60s, the clinic housed 10 general practitioners and added its first specialist - a radiologist - in 1962. The clinic remained primarily a family practice group for another decade before surgical and medical specialists joined the team. By 1975, Suncoast was comprised of 20 physicians: 12 family practitioners and eight specialists.

The original clinic building was a renovated apartment house that gradually was expanded and connected to a neighboring building as the medical practice grew. By 1968, the updated facility housed ancillary departments including laboratory, radiology, physical therapy, EKG and audiology. Faced with increasing pressure to add more space, the Suncoast team started plans to develop a new facility adjacent to Bayfront Medical Center. Construction of the 43,000-square-foot facility began in 1977, and Suncoast celebrated its grand re-opening one year later. In the years to follow, Suncoast Medical Clinic continued to grow its family of physicians and expand its facility.
Today, Suncoast, now an affiliate of BayCare Medical Group, is making a new chapter as it moved to a brand new building in January 2013 on the campus of St. Anthony's Hospital. The new 106,000-square-foot facility houses members of the original staff of both St. Petersburg Medical Group as well as Suncoast Medical Clinic. Our more than 50 physicians, representing 27 specialties, continue to provide outstanding medical care to the St. Petersburg community, as it has been for many decades, and will continue to do so into the future.

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